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The Campfire Storytelling Collective was established in 2018, with our first event on 25 September 2018. It was an immediate success, creating a buzz in the community and every night has sold out since. 

We have started to run workshops for those interested in the genre, whether it be to entertain, to build confidence, to better present an idea or a vision or just to be heard. Community work has started in west London, with a homeless charity, as well educational input with local institutions such as the Film School at Ealing Studios.

In the next year, we hope to expand our events across west London, so we'll be seeking venues who would like to host our collective once a month. We also hope to continue with more workshops and outreach work so we can hear as many voices as possible at The Campfire mic.


The art of storytelling down your road

The Campfire offers you the chance to tell your story to your community. It offers you the space to listen to the stories of those you live near to but maybe never speak to, If offers you a chance to connect, discover your similarities and explore your differences.

We are a storytelling initiative, a community movement that seeks to knock down social barriers and reconnect our community through the sharing of our stories.



Our Community Hub


Storytelling is an ancient art form. It was how news was transmitted and how generations learnt of their ancestors. Gathered together in a small, intimate space, the storyteller made eye contact, and there was an interaction based on facial expression, vocal intonation and body language.


Today, we sit glued to our phones, our tablets, our laptops, seeking news, entertainment and validation. We may be on the train, alone in our bedrooms or around the dinner table, and yet we ignore the faces, voices and physical proximity of those just feet away.

Here at The Campfire Storytelling Collective we are recreating small community spaces, where we can look at each other, hear one another's laughter or pain and appreciate the sharing of our shared humanity through our stories.


In Our Events


As our collective grows, we are delighted to work with community venues across London. Currently, our personal storytelling events, when you can get behind the mic, take place in west London on a monthly basis.

The Moon & Maybe, Ealing, W5

The Rocket, Acton, W3

And we are now working with community groups, social enterprises and libraries across London, running workshops and hosting live events.

Meet The Collective
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Charlotte Wolf is co-Director of The Campfire Storytelling Collective. She is compère for the storytelling nights, workshop facilitator and sometimes tells a story at the mic herself.

Having been a secondary English teacher for thirteen years, a shifting culture left her seeking a creative space. Reflecting also on years working with students who felt their voice wasn't important, Charlotte sought a means by which to create a platform for those voiceless members of our society who desperately need to be heard.

Inspired by listening to great international storytelling forces, she took the step into this world of narrative and expression and the creativity is back! 

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Sam Young


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