Upcoming Workshops

Personal Storytelling
Upcoming dates to be announced soon.

Our one-day personal storytelling workshops will help you:

  • Find your story

  • Structure your story for impact

  • Create that all important opening 'hook'

  • Develop the details

  • Feel confident in front of your audience

Sound interesting?


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Why attend...?

To build confidence

One of our greatest shared fears is presenting in front of an audience. Whether it’s a conference, a wedding speech or speaking up at a meeting, we feel the pressure to do it right and meet others’ expectations. What personal storytelling offers is a chance to be yourself, to establish your own expectations and enjoy the freedom to present it your way. It’s your story, no one can tell you it’s wrong!

To entertain

You may have attended one of our storytelling nights, The Campfire, at The Moon & Maybe in South Ealing and thought you’d quite like to have a go at that. It’s such a joy to listen to other people’s stories, but how do you get up there, behind that mic? We will provide a safe yet fun space in which you can discover and hone the necessary skills.

To listen & learn

With a maximum of eight attendees, everyone is given a chance to practise and prepare their stories for an audience. Working with a partner initially, you will tell and tweak your story with their support and guidance. This same process offers you the chance to enter someone else’s story and with empathy help them develop the key moments of their story for an audience.

To have your turn

‘I don’t have a story!’ I can’t tell you how often we have heard this statement since starting this project last summer. But it’s not true! We all have a story…let’s face it, we’re living them! And why not let it be heard? It’s the most cathartic and empowering experience to have your story listened to and we want to provide you with that platform.

'The workshop not only gave me the courage to stand up in front of a room of strangers, it helped me find and expand on my story.'

'Charlotte and Sam are gifted in providing a safe, fun environment which allows people to open up and take risks.'

'I felt my contribution was valued, the exercises were great fun and thought-provoking.'